I know it’s been a while since I last write

It has been a tough year for me

Especially the last few months

I feel like I want to tell you everything

But I realize it’s pointless

It is also an excuse for not writing

I have been writing, but never thought that they’re worth to publish

And I’ve written various topics as well, I didn’t know where to start

There’s this piece about over-thinking

About the struggle in finding what’s best for you and your family

About the loneliness that sometimes crawling in the most vulnerable moments in our lives

About the new movie series trend

About the anger of not capable to do about the things getting out of our control

About marriage-whether to marry the devil you know or with a new devil

And there is about the difference between working for yourself and for other people

I have no idea where to start.

While I was away from the blogging world, I notice that there are a lot of things going on here as well. And I must admit, that I really like the current system of the blogging university. And I just registered to join the “Branding and Growth Course”. I hope I can get insights and at the same time contribute a little of my experience in the group.

Share your thoughts in the comment on things I should write first. Or better yet, if you can tell me how to organize those pieces into one big piece of writing.




Longest Journey To A Working Site

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 11.11.16 PMSo, today’s topic on Writing 101 is about taking a map as the muse. I instantly remember a place where I have worked, learned and lived for a few months, and I had to take longest journey ever to arrive on my working site.

I make a living as translator & interpreter, and I worked for a mining company once.The site is located in a different province to where I live. FYI, I live in Java Island and the mining site is located in North Sumatera.  I had to change two flights; one with the big common commercial plane and the other one with the small planes. You must know, that it can take 2 hours from my house to the airport alone. And the first flight, which is Continue reading “Longest Journey To A Working Site”