Happy International Woman’s Day

I have met a lot of inspiring women in my life. I have worked with one of them, as well. My father thought maybe I should be borned as a boy, because of my boyish look and my lack of feminine features-soft spoken, not too critical, over-independent, and not wearing make ups, etc. But I have never regret it. 

Growing up, I am told that being a true woman I should do this and that, talk in certain way, think in certain way, should oblige the men, should show respect for the men, should not eat much, should look lean, should not get high education so I don’t scare the men and I would get husband quicker, should be able to cook, manage all domestic chores, and I could go on until tomorrow… But I am tired with all that ‘requirements’. Why should I respect anyone-not just men-who simply doesn’t deserve any respect? Why should I just oblige to whatever people say, just because they have more authority upon me? Besides, who has power over a person but that person itself? There are people living in the same roof, so why only women who should bear responsibilities for domestic chores? Why should I walk with my legs tight together and spread apart? Why should I not eat what I want to, when I want to? Why should I not exercise and build muscle if I want to? Why should I have certain physical requirements just to be called ‘beautiful’? Those questions bother me since I was a teenager and woke the rebel part of me. I hate stereotyping. It belittles human. 

So I chose not to follow the ‘rules’. I chose to be happy for who I am. I chose to embrace me. 

You should too. 

To all women.