Last Day in April

She woke up feeling thirsty. The ray of the morning sun finds its way to light up the room through the lattice of her window blinds. Her head is still heavy and her feet… damn, her feet’s too lazy to even stand up. She almost literally drags herself to the dining table and pour some water to her glass. She gulps as she’s refreshed from the sleepiness and laziness.

Her phone buzzes and there is a message from one of her best friends. Ah, she doesn’t want to continue to listen to the same story over and over again. If you don’t love him anymore, just admit it already and break up with him! What’s the point of making him feel all guilty when he did nothing wrong? Well, he did, but you forgave him already! She ignores the message, walks to her terrace and just stands there, bathing under the bright shiny morning sun.

The phone keeps buzzing, so she heads back inside and there are two more messages: one from her boyfriend and one from her other bestfriend. She reads the one from her lover first.

“Hi honey, I’m gonna have to cancel our date tonight. Gotta an important meeting with the big boss. Don’t be mad, please. I’ll make it up to you. Love u so much!”

Yeah, somehow I knew it. “Love you too, Monkey.”

“Hey, good morning! Listen, last night I didn’t get a chance to tell you how grateful I am for all things that’s ever happened to me. I think God can speak through everything, right? As long as we keep our ears and heart wide open.”

Oh gosh, not this religious stuff again! I’m happy that you find your faith such a live-saver, and I am truly happy that you’re happy and feeling blessed, etc. But I really appreciate it if you can keep it to yourself. “Hey, morning to you, too, T. I’m happy for you. I always knew you wanted to say that, had a dream about it last night. Just kid. Have great day, love.”

She sighs. No one’s even bother asking about her plans for the day, asking her to grab lunch or go for a quick shopping. Everybody is either put her in second priority or bombarding her with their quotes and love stories. It’s her typical day. After she takes some more time showering under the sun, she starts her normal day. But she can’t turn off everything just like that. everything swirls up in her mind. She thought about her friends who is having difficulties moving on because her boyfriend lied to her and she’s now caught in the middle of love and hate issues. Her other friend just found a some-what moment of epiphany and thinks that she has made all the right choices after all, because it’s what God would have wanted her to do. And then her boyfriend. Yeah, Michael is always ambitious and focused. He’s currently working on a big advertising project and wants to impress his big boss so he could get a promotion, because he didn’t get his promotion last year. Everything is related to each of their past experience.

The past is either drag them down, motivate them, or totally change their perspective on life. She also experienced similar thing earlier this month. She thought to herself, this month has taught me a lot of friendship. No matter how hard the past is, no matter how strange we could come out of the trouble and move on with our lives, friendship is the one thing that helps me get through with all trials of life. No matter how I feel this morning–no one ask me about my plans or my smart boyfriend just cancelled our date night–I need them. They are my friends. And as a good friend, I have to support them like they did to me. 

She continues to walk in the pavement when someone grabs her waist and give her the warmest kiss. Surprised, she wants to quickly pull back her body and tries to get off. But the scent…the perfume… she recognises it. She opens her eyes gently and see the bright green eyes belong to her dearest lover.

“Do you really think that I am going to let my most beloved woman starts her day frowning because I had to cancel our date?” She laughs and pulls him closer to her chest.

“No, I should’ve known you’re the best man I’ve ever dated.” They giggle and walk down the pavement; their arms around each other’s waist.

I am still going to make it all up to you, hon. I promise.  Those are his last words before they separate at the train station. I’m looking forward to it. Better you treat me with something expensive. They giggle again, and walk separately.

When she’s in her office, she reads the text messages from her friends that are sent when she’s in the subway.

“Hahaha! You are my best friend, indeed! Lunch? It’s on me. I have to go on your street for some errand. I don’t take no for an answer. Love, T.” Huh. She reads my mind, eh?

“Sure! see you at 12.”


“Hey, sorry for bothering you all the time with all my complaints. I was so confused, and I know it’s all up to my decision. I guess I need to think with cool water, and not tequila. Thanks for everything, boo.” Wow, and she reads my mind as well! 

“Anytime, babe. You know we always have each other. Yes, less tequila more fresh water, pleeeeaassseeeee… xoxo”

Last day in April. Turns out everything is beautiful in the end, and she, too, has a lot to be grateful for.

*recreate for Writing 101 day 17.