Last Day in Writing 101

Four weeks has passed. Unbelievable.

I had so much fun in Writing 101.  I learned great things and this is the most fun course I have ever taken in my life. This blog was created in June but not until I joined Writing 101 and Blogging 101 did I finally able to fully commit to the one dream I have: writing. Ever since I joined, I have always tried to write everyday, except for the days when I was down with infection on my lungs. So, I’m very grateful to all of you who have submit your critics and comments to help me make this blog better, and to Cheri Lucas and colleagues who have shared their ideas. Thank you.

I have just started a new series, so for the next month I will focus on that series. Probably, if I can develop the stories I will continue the series for the remainder of year 2015. This also serves as a motivation for me to keep moving.

This has been one tough year for me, hopefully the next year things will get easier. Hopefully, in the next year I would start making a draft for my first book (AMEN!).

Blogging University has been inspiring and motivating. Once again, thank you all for sharing such great energy.



Author: Maria Ambarastuti

A wife, a worker, a dreamer. trying to live her life to the fullest and continue to search for ways to enrich life. drop me an email for further chats:

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