The Perks of Being A Wife To A Rockstar

The perks of being a wife to a rockstar is that I get to make other girls envy me because most of the girls worship boys who can play music instrument and are in a band. These girls tend to think those boys are cool as they’re the centre of the public’s attention and popular, etc. I don’t marry my husband because he’s in a band or to get famous. I marry him for all of the classic reasons in liking a person–he’s kind, comfortable in being himself and eventually makes me feel comfortable being myself around him–and most importantly because he has passion and determined. We dated for eight years before we finally got married and in those years I was blessed and able to achieve even greater things than I am alone. So that’s WHY I marry him.

The perks of being a wife to a rockstar is that I’m also his assistant. In my case, because he’s often forgetful this role is extremely important… for the sake of our relationship. Part of this job is to help him decide what to wear, what not wear, and recently I even helped him decide which guitar he should take on stage. The latter don’t usually happen, because that’s his area of specialty. He is the guitarist, not me. But yeah, tonight before the show I asked, Why not use the explorer? He replied that this is just a small gig. But just before he left the house he carried his explorer. HAHAHA! I also get to arrange his schedule, sometimes, and when I have a chance I would prioritize us first than the band. Lol. We were dating eight years, and my ‘working responsibilities’ is getting longer and longer.   As we’re both getting older, he listens to advice more carefully and willing to take the advice when he sees fit–he’s ego is not as big as mine. Hahaha. That’s WHAT makes our relationship works.

Another perks of being a wife to a rockstar is the ability to have lots of ‘me’ time. Apart from being a rockstar, he’s also a sound engineer/producer and thus, he’s working with a number of different bands, organizations, people, and other studios. This means one thing and one thing only: High Working Hours. Therefore, I get to have my own time, which some of my friends would value that and perhaps envy me because I have such lots of free time. Guess what? I found that I’m lonely most of the times. Nights without going to bed together, when I wake up he’s just got in bed, when I got home he’s about to go out and meet with people or has work to do, and so on and so forth. And this can go on for weeks, depending on the project he’s in. On weekends, too. Fortunately I have my own stuff to do apart my eight-to-five routine, so I can get myself occupied on things I love. I can always talk to my husband, though, when I miss him so much, and he would steal some time from work just to have small conversation with me. Every time he has to go back to work, I’d be like frown, tears in my eyes, and just hate him a little bit. He’s got used to it, I’m a bit sentimental and everything can make me cry. He’d hug me and told me not to worry. This is HOW we compromise and I will never stop supporting him despite the fact that he makes me lonely quite often.

My favorite perks of being a wife to a rockstar is that I get to listen to his cool works first–often even before the other band members or his clients. Sometimes I get to give input as well, about how this guitar would sound better like this, etc. I really enjoy listening to almost all kinds of music and I have a pretty good taste in rock music. On the other hand, though, it’s also boring to listen to the song over and over again as he mixed it and refine the tunes. It’s like breaking a terrorist in a Guantamo prison. Luckily now I have my own 8-5 routine, so I don’t hear it as often as before. The funny thing is, although it sound depressing, I found it a fun thing to do as well. I think I am going to miss it….or not. Lol. After eight years of courtship and 11 months of marriage, we know HOW to have some fun in our daily routine and we share it with each other.

All of these perks I enjoy

All of these perks I annoy

Still, these perks are magical

And this is how we rock n roll

IMG_1707 Just before the show, tonight.


Author: Maria Ambarastuti

A wife, a worker, a dreamer. trying to live her life to the fullest and continue to search for ways to enrich life. drop me an email for further chats:

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