Day 1: Sugeng Ndalu

Halo! Sugeng Ndalu means good evening in Javanese. My name is Maria Magdalena Rahayu Ambarastuti or Ambar for short. I know. I have a name for three people at once. I’m from Indonesia and am Javanese. And as Javanese, my parents believe in the philosophical meaning of a name, that’s why they gave me such a long name. But I am not going to discuss about names and their meaning here. It’s 9.07 p.m in Central Java, Indonesia, so no time to waste on names explanation.

I work as professional English-Indonesian-English translator/interpreter currently at Gameloft Indonesia. At home, I play my role as diligent wife and do my part of the chores. And then I do what I like the most: reading and writing. Most of the times I will watch Orange Is the New Black instead of reading or writing. *big grin*

I like reading because I never get bored imagining things the writer wrote. And I could learn a lot of new things from reading.

I write because when I was a kid I used to imagine myself as a writer. This is because I love reading and eventually I want to become like those authors. I have lots of famous writers who inspire me and whenever I’m daydreaming, I would dream myself producing books that inspire and motivates other people. I write because when my heart is filled with unsettled feelings, I find writing is often the best way of channeling it. And when I was a kid, I found that pen and paper are my most loyal companions when I’m feeling blue. But I had not the confident to write for public.

I began to write for public because I could speak my thoughts and feelings more loud in writing than verbal. I started to write essays about history and politics turmoil in Indonesia. I continue to write even personal things because I found that when I share with people my experiences, they get to learn something. And then they ask me to write about it.

So, I write because I cannot just be a mere spectator of life’s events.


Author: Maria Ambarastuti

A wife, a worker, a dreamer. trying to live her life to the fullest and continue to search for ways to enrich life. drop me an email for further chats:

14 thoughts on “Day 1: Sugeng Ndalu”

  1. Amazing. I always wanted be a writer growing up as well! I love how you ended the post, “I write because I cannot just be a mere spectator of life’s events.” What a powerful statement!

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  2. “I began to write for public because I could speak my thoughts and feelings more loud in writing than verbal.!
    It’s the same for me, although I find the more I write the better I speak.
    Good post!

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  3. Why are you so adorable, mbak? (This is not sweet talk by the way because you really are!) I agree that writing is the best option to reflect our feelings. For me personally, writing can be a good therapy to remove half of my psychological burden. After writing a long post, I always feel more relax and calm. 🙂 Waiting for more inspiring words from you, mbak! Cheers!


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