Sharing Is Caring

Lots of people say that sharing is caring. I believe it’s true. There were episodes in my life that I wished people had been more kind and share things I need to know or understand. When most people tend to repeat the circle-they’d do what others or circumstances did to them-I decided to break the chain and hopefully become a better person by doing it. I always try to share everything I have with others. Be it money, food, knowledge, experience, energy, etc. You may think that I’m just trying to look like an angel or to make other people think of me that way. But truth be told, I don’t really care about what people think or say about me (unless it’s defaming me in a very harsh way). And mostly I like to help people to finally able to help themselves. Like giving tips, educating, suggesting stuff, anything that help makes people who come to me and ask for help understand their problem and able to solve it. This is important because we cannot always depend on other people AND what others may think or do when they’re dealing with the same issue, may not be applicable to us. So sharing experience and knowledge is what I do most often.

Today, I had another opportunity to enlighten some students of English Literature at my old campus. The topic was about interpreting. I am so happy and thrilled that my experience in interpreting, both good and bad, can motivate others and they can learn from it. Some of them will take the subject in this semester, and it’s good to see that they’re welcoming this enthusiastically.

The class itself was my biggest crowd yet. I sensed such a great energy and I was extremely excited that I can be a part of that energy. The good thing was that there were lots of good questions, indicating that they are willing to learn. I don’t expect them all to be interpreters, and I encourage them to do this because they like it and willing to commit to the job.  In the end, our passion is what matters the most.

I shared my worst mistake when interpreting and I do hope that with this information they will try to avoid what I did, and pursuit better ways than I did or do. Good luck to all of you!


Author: Maria Ambarastuti

A wife, a worker, a dreamer. trying to live her life to the fullest and continue to search for ways to enrich life. drop me an email for further chats:

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